» Thursday, March 10, 2011 / -6:13 AM
my recent updates

dearest blog, I've abandoned you long ago! wanted to write about my life since the previous blog but i noticed it was long ago and a lot had happened and i'm very lazy to type it out [you can see how lazy I am right?]

just wanna express my feeling over here. Even if you see with your own eyes you'll still don't believe it. but why? some said when we see something happened means its already proven for its existence but why still we tried to ignore all these? human are ignorant perhaps. if this thing never ever happened then I would say how happy everyone would be.

please don't ever try to force yourself into accepting something beyond your expectation. give yourself some times to digest the whole thing. getting self busy with some other stuffs might be useful but is still didn't help when it come to the feeling deep buried in your heart and mind. it will ache with you touched that place. why you wanna put yourself in such a painful situation? don't wanna hurt anyone around so you choose to sacrifice yourself and kept hurting yourself.

no one will thank you for what you've done. it won't help no matter how! perhaps letting go is the best way, don't try to act as if it got nothing to do with you and without and effects but actually whatever it is, its still there. you never say anything but people around will sense it. treat yourself better please. you deserved that! I hate looking at myself because i'm so helpless that Icouldn't do anything. what i could do is just acting and let the time do his job. give me some hints pls.

last but not least, I'll be back to hometown in just 2 months time, please pray hard that within this period nothing will happen again after that tragic accident that took away my senior's life. RIP to them. finally I find a phrase very true, you'll never know what might happen in the next minute so please please treasure the loved one around you now starting from this very second!!


» Wednesday, December 8, 2010 / -6:05 PM
I'm back~~

hihi friends i'm officially back to my own home!!!
wanted to meet some friends but still a lot i haven't meet yet!!!
but soon i'll return to Labuan!
hahaahah.... nothing more to write...

» Thursday, November 11, 2010 / -6:54 PM
me me me

wahsei, studies really very pressure! 
seriously i need hair flow control shampoo! who wanna sponsor?

» Monday, November 8, 2010 / -10:25 PM
life during study week and final exam

hey, after a long break finally I'm back to my blog!
during this two weeks, my life are like zombie, because I slept only about 3 hours a day rushing to prepare myself for the final exam.

after stepping into the university for few months, this is the first time we have a final exam that begins today! First day was terrible because I'm very nervous. why? because I've been lazying around from the beginning until now! haha.. what to do? don't have the feeling of facing any books except for FACEBOOK-ing. haha.

By the way, 13 days to go and I'll be in Teluk Intan! My lovely and sweet hometown. Can't imagine what i will be after 13 days. Growing fatter for sure because I will fill in my stomach with foods every minutes and seconds! Hope to see everyone that I want to see! hehe... mommy, I missed you badly.

» Monday, November 1, 2010 / -1:00 PM

咳,该如何开始呢? 很想说其实我还是很在乎与在意你的存在! 哈哈。

瞎猜的生活好不容易! 距离真的是一种问题?

» Monday, October 25, 2010 / -5:14 PM
birthday celebration

now only i realized that I've left out two birthday celebration over here. The first one is on the 12th October 2010, Miss Khoo Li Wen birthday. she said that she don't wanna celebrate it grandly but at last we brought her to McD in the airport for lunch!

it's kinda happening and funny when I recalled it back. I thought she was in the campus and she thought that I'm in the hostel but at last we're vice-versa.
what a funny situation because it was like a surprise small celebration for her la, hope that she will be HAPPY! haha...

then the 2nd one will be Miss Nio Liong Yan Yee! haha. her birthday was another happening because it was really a true and big surprise to her! we need to climb up to the 4th floor which was very very tiring for me! OMG> tired...

oh yeah, forgot to mention that i'm near to blind nowadays. why? then I will said I don't understand why either. maybe i should go for a check-up once i'm back to TI for the sem break! haigh, where can find back the study mood that I've lost long ago? anyone had a compass to lend it to me so that i can find it back? haha...

someone said that actually memories are hard to erase. is it so? I think the answer is 'yes'! I have another question, Why do God created male and female with different born to be characteristics? I think this will be a big big question mark for most of the people around! hahaha....

» Saturday, October 16, 2010 / -1:55 PM

this few days my mood is the same as the weather in Labuan.
it is very sunny during but during night it becomes dark and windy!
today i felt my hostel is very quiet. some of malay housemates went to town.

when i woke up, i saw a note sticking on the table and its from my roommate, Seok Yi. she told me that she will not be home tonight because she's going for canoe expedition to Pulau Kuraman. this is her co-curricular practical test so I wished her Good Luck for her test together with Ning Huey.

that means tonight i will be sleeping alone in this room. but obviously I'm not afraid of loneliness! haha... out of sudden, I cried in the bus last night. If you were to ask me why? my answer is, I dont know. just suddenly had the urge and the tears just rolled down my cheek. life can be very short. within this month, our MUET teacher passed away and in this week, my junior in my high school passed away due to accident. he's going to face STPM exam soon but he haven't got the chance to step into the hall yet then he's gone. hope he can RIP.

final exam is coming real soon! not more than a month! my accounting I'm really dying. see, my midterm i GOT C for account. How stupid. Business maths i get B+ only. i wanted to score better in final but it seems very hard because the last chapter is Calculus! differentiation and integration are driving me crazy honestly! I hate myself for being so stupid towards MATHS! I couldn't imagine that after two years life without maths, and now I still have to face my biggest fear, MATHS!

oh god, still couldn't believe that my uni life so fast already going to finish a semester out of 6 semesters! I'm going back on the 20th of November 2010!!!!! yes... mom, wait for me! I'll be back to celebrate '冬节' with you! I love you and missed you badly too. friends, stay tune for my return! 20th Nov will be the return of CHY to west m'sia! haha...

finally today i found something that i wanted to look for after few months searching! haha.. quite surprising that I accidentally found it! maybe i should have found it earlier but until today only i found it. after finding this thing, i started to find out that actually things are not like the way i see it! and currently I'm learning to treat everyone the same way without any prejudice around! without realizing, I'm already in this small island for more than 3 months and I passed my first birthday in this small island with my friends. Thanks for the surprise and the meal prepared by you girls! LOve it, couldnt imagine that you all actually prepared for all that! although the outcome is not so perfect but still honestly, I APPRECIATE the hard works from you girls. I accept it with 100% gratitude! 

» Sunday, September 12, 2010 / -11:32 AM
2 weeks raya break!

well, now is still in the Raya break but still I didn't get to go back to my hometown! but staying in Labuan is consider as quite comfortable here.

oh yeah, I just came back from Kota Kinabalu! Went there for 3 days 2 nights but spent most of the times in the ferry express! this trip quite nice actually and I felt that it strengthen the bond among six of us! haha.. I heart all my roommates for this trip! but something funny that during night times, we're all doing different things. Yan yee, ginny and I were busy playing cards! especially the so called 'turtle' game! IT's some sort like the Old Maid game that i used to play since i'm kids! haha..

but honestly, i spent a lot in this trip for the foods! after coming to labuan, I'm already immune to nice foods! very hard to find foods as i'm still craving for very very nice foods! haha.... this time ferry is just so shaky because of the waves are quite strong i guess. haha. all of them also seasick except for me. still manage to sms inside the cabin and looked at the scenery around! some even told me that they still felt it when they came back last night! hopes that they felt better this morning!

last week I ate chicken curry and seaweed soup! NICE and FANTASTIC!

» Friday, August 27, 2010 / -9:21 AM
teardrops on my pillow

hey friends, I already forgotten this is the fifth or sixth weeks I came to Labuan. But all I remembered is, I cried two nights ago!

first time ever that I cried in Labuan! Let me think why did my tears dropped on that night, first I think I missed my mom very much out of sudden. She called me the other day and told me that she missed my voice! How sad I am when i heard she said to me. I knew that she missed me a lot and so do I!

Never realized that it is so suffering for just listening to each others' voice and it seems so near yet so far! And I think I did badly in my Financial Management test 1. But I told myself that I'll surely do better in the upcoming test!

Today i woke up at 6 sth just to start revising my account! This is so far the weakest subject to me but I'm still working hard on it although I don't really like it but still I'm forced to do so because I don't wanna disappoint my mom! But it seems so stupid to cry right? but recently a lot of friends around me are counting down to the day where they're going back to hometown. how i wished that I could fly back to west Malaysia and hug my mom once I saw her !

just felt so down and reluctant whenever my friends' topic are about going back to hometown but this holiday i'm going over to KK for a short trip with my friends! I knew it would be fine to travel with you girls! haha. today I'll be having economic test again but I knew it would be another way round compared to the first test because that was just my luck to score in test 1. this time i think i won't score anymore!

Last but not least, I would like to say happy belated birthday to my beloved friend, WONG MEI KIT who are currently in KL fighting for her new future there! Girl, missed you badly! love ya..

                                            Miss CHang Fui Han!!!!!!!
Another thing i would like to add on, Happy birthday to you too! CHANG FUI HAN, today is your birthday so you appeared in my post today! I hope that you'll enjoy your day ya! Get to know you is something I felt happy and  proud with! you always lighten up my day!

» Sunday, August 8, 2010 / -12:25 PM

hi everyone. today my post will be very unhappy!
i want to complain why must we being surrounded by 'angels on the earth'?
i want the real angels from the heaven. please let them be away from me!
justice, this word is so just irony to me! It didn't happen before in this rural island!

i spent one month in Sabah and all I get is injustice! Even in the class itself i could feel it so much. Can they stay in their room and don't come out from the room? I also need to study and do homework. Not only the four of you need to finish up the tutorial or even assignments! Can you all please be considerate a bit?

Why always my roommate and I are the one to give way? I hate it so much when it came to this. my life is just so miserable once i stepped into the house after class everyday. haigh... i need to find a place for me to study and do homework. anyone have good suggestions for me?

» Monday, August 2, 2010 / -12:01 AM
going to have small test soon!

hey friends, I'll make this posts sounds happier! because this whole week I'm quite satisfied with it although it was kind of stupid and tired. Our campus organized a stupid program named Jom-Ceria where I can't any purpose of doing it!

even the name itself sounds stupid! But at least it was something memorable for us because we have group photo! And finally, I went to beach opposite our campus! So long never been to seaside! So happy yelling and kicking the water. but the time is limited so I think I planned to go again next time!

Anyhow, I would like to say that actually Labuan is a great place for study! Because it got 0 distraction over here! haha. but still sometimes it's too boring! Let me show you some nice view in Labuan and also how i enjoyed going to the seaside...

» Saturday, July 24, 2010 / -11:24 PM

at first, I thought of typing my blog in chinese but after few sentences, I gave up. better stick to my actual language, english.
this is already the third week i'm in this small island.

so far, nothing much about this place because it will still be the same and boring complaints. but today I realized that I'll actually face the problem of emotional breakdown too! Assignments are piling up in front of me yet I'm still in the relaxing mood! What a great student I am! seriously I need someone to talk with, but unfortunately I can't anyone free to listen to me. All my 'ji muis' seems very busy with their daily works. Even my own sister seems busy too and did not really bother to talk to me.

I know that i'm no longer a kids that need everyone's attention or someone to comfort but at least treat me as a human with feelings. I came all the way so far to a very strange place and yet I need to face everything on my own! Can't even find a better way to express myself! Am i torturing myself? I hate the feeling of emotional breakdown because it spoiled my mood thoroughly!
life in Uni isn't as fun as I thought it would be because it's way too far from my hometown. I'm feeling that the gap between Labuan and TI are growing every second! I couldn't get use to the distance yet.
Whatever I wanted to do is like something impossible because of that particular word, 'distance'!

how I wished I could travel through space in just 3 minutes to reach TI from Labuan. then I'll meet my mom every day whenever I like! I came here for about a month but it gave me a feeling that I've been here for at least 3 months! Maybe God wants me to learn more and to be tougher in facing obstacles. I'm really trying hard in getting used to the surroundings. just that at least I'm glad that I've a gang of new friends that can click quite well with me currently.

the heaviness of studying here is not just on the courses that I need to take but the biggest challenge is the life without water supply! last night I went under the rain just to carry a pail of water up to our house. What else that I need to do on my own? Almost everything!

finally I've found the mood to sleep now after expressing all out! I need friends but it seems too far yet too near here. TI, I'll be back in 4 months time.

» Saturday, July 17, 2010 / -9:13 PM
first week of class started

well, already first week I spent in this campus to further my study.
Still doesn't believe that I've stepped into University~
But it isn't something easy to reach until this level. Gone through a lot
of ups and downs until I'm emotionally breakdowns for several times
but at last I managed to overcome every single tests given by God.

this first week, I'm very busy adapting myself to the new surroundings and the atmosphere of studying.
assignments are queuing up waiting for me to solve it~
kept forming groups for assignments.
should I go back this September?
my friends here are not going back but they're planning for trips to ppl's hometown.
I think I spent the most here is for dinner because I've decided to enjoy at least a meal here which i think I'm satisfied with but tonight the fried rice is just so bad! 
things here isn't cheap especially foods! Seriously anyone wanna recommend nice Chinese foods to me in Labuan?

but I'm glad that I got to know a whole bunch of nice friends here! We gathered every evening at 6.30 pm and together we go for our dinner somewhere nearby. We walked from our hostel to the restaurants nearby for our dinner and for sure it will be more than 6 persons every night! Even the boss are surprised to see such a big number of people walked into his shops!

that's all for this week so far! maybe I'll continue again after the second week~ stay tuned for my next updates~

» Tuesday, July 13, 2010 / -4:18 PM
my orientation week and life in Labuan

well friends, first of all I would like to tell everyone that I'm in Labuan now!
everything seems to be on the track right now but I don't know how would it be after few months where I'm facing assignments and exams soon!

let me tell you about my experience throughout this two weeks in East Malaysia! All I get is, free dieting because ever since I reached Kota Kinabalu, I didn't take in any full meal because the rice they provided are too 'nice' to be swallowed! good! I'm stuck here at the first few days but I'm glad that things are now settled down and I'm getting used to it!

something I'm very happy with is, I'm not afraid of cockroach anymore! The first day i reached Labuan my first assigned job was to kill the cockroaches around because one of my friend are very afraid of cockroach but I find it funny because I thought that I'm the only one but actually it's not.

my roommate was someone that can be considered as funny I guess but only at times. I was doing all the talking most of the times but is better compared to someone that does not give any respond. she came from the same hometown as me but we're taking different courses.

something I'm glad and proud of is my homesick is getting lesser and lesser! but the problem I'm facing currently are my studies! I find it so unfamiliar with my syllabus now. especially maths because I've officially returned every single knowledge taught in high school. I'm trying hard to recall everything in modern maths but I'll still try my best to do better!

this coming september I'm having two weeks raya break but most probably I won't be back to TI because of the expensive air tickets! SO don't come and bark on me if I didnt go back this holiday but I'll definitely show up this end year sem break! I missed every single things in TI. 3F's that I wanted the most, families, friends and foods!

oh yeah, forgot to say about the international students that came to our university to further their study~ I think it would be difficult for them to be in Malaysia because here mostly everyone were talking in BM but at least at here I can practice my Chinese so that I can chat with them if possible to do so.

i will end my post here la. lazy wanna type d!

» Friday, June 11, 2010 / -10:11 PM
the Karate Kid

I'll rate 8/10 for this movie!
Just like Jaden Smith. So cute!
and The girl actress Wenwen Han as MEI YING!!!!

Wow, hanging clothes will help you in
Kung Fu!
And it's entertaining with them although
at last raining heavily!
good outing going to cinema!

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